Point-of-Care Syndromic Panels

The MultiSeqTM   instrument for POC will possess unique features:

  • Disposable cassettes using proven micro-fluidics and nanotechnology
  • Cassettes for specific clinical syndromes
  • Random access. Processing each clinical sample soon after collection. 
  • Pre-dispensed reagents for different syndromes in each cassette
  • User-friendly, walk-away, bench-top operation
  • One step – only transfer of clinical sample into the reagent cassette
  • Automatic software reporting in 30 minutes with data interface
  • Simultaneous processing of 12 different types of cassettes

POC Concept – Reagent cassette-based tests

Test Panels
Family Physicians

Sexually transmitted disease
Respiratory viral

Test Panels

Respiratory viral

Test Panels
Public Health

Respiratory viral

Test Comparison - Point-of-Care