MultiSeq is a Pioneer — making DNA sequence-based molecular diagnostics routinely available with syndromic panels for both Point-of-Care and high-volume testing.

 MultiSeq test panels are based on a combination of one or more patented, proprietary technology platforms. They provide comprehensive, confirmatory, cost-effective results for timely clinical intervention.


  • Accuracy.
    • Modified Sanger sequencing.
    • Verifiable result format (nucleotide sequence)
  • Multiple pathogens per multiplexed panel (up to 20 targets)
    • Variety of comprehensive syndromic panels
    • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Quality Control with intrinsic nucleotide-based barcodes
    • Novel true internal control to ensure no false negative results.
    • Monitoring of contamination to ensure no false positive results.
    • Sample ID 
  • Operational
    • Menu niche of 1- 20 pathogens per panel 
    • Quantification
  • Detection of variants:
    • New viral variants of pandemic significance
    • Viral mutations causing vaccine resistance 
    • Gain/loss of function 
    • Prediction of antibiotic sensitivity