MultiSeqTM provides Syndromic Testing for a panel of up to 20 potential pathogens per sample simultaneously, and takes the guesswork out of the initial treatment options for common clinical infections.

We offer two test systems to bring our Syndrome-based test panels for routine patient care.

    1. High throughput Module (HTM)

HTM is a combination of three off-the-self instruments: liquid handling system, thermocycler, and a genetic analyzer. It is estimated one technologist can process 350 samples within 4 hours.

    1. Point-of-Care Instrument (in development)

Micro-fluidic reagent cartridges with pre-dispensed reagents specific for a particular infectious syndrome, processed by a random-access, walk-away, user-friendly instrument. Each MultiSeq Point-of-Care Instrument will accept 12 cassettes for simultaneous processing in less than 30minutes.