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High Volume Laboratories

The clinical sample from a patient presenting with an infectious syndrome could harbor a bacterium, virus, fungus, or protozoan as the causative pathogen.

Presently, samples are processed by:

  • Culture, immuno-assay, and molecular tests using a variety of instruments.
  • Batch testing causing delay
  • Pooled Samples

MultiSeqTM  HTM uses one set of instruments to test for all the prevalent pathogens simultaneously, using a single molecular test panel.

Hospital Lab

Blood Donations

Presently donated blood is screened for multiple pathogens (Hepatitis B and C, HIV 1/2, HTLV 1/2, T. cruzi, Zika, Syphilis, West Nile Virus, Babesia, and CMV) using a combination of molecular and other tests on pooled blood samples and immunoassays.

The MultiSeqTM   HTM uses one set of commercially available instruments to simultaneously test for all 10 pathogens using a single molecular test panel on each individual blood donation.